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HostaGypsy Rose


Originator(s)Jim Anderson 2003

Origin'Striptease' sport

Size categorysmall - medium

Plant height x width38x75 cm (15x30 in.)

Leaf length x width18x13 cm (7x5 in.)

Vein pairs9-11

Leaf colorcreamy yellow,white,blue-green edge





Scape height65 cm (26 in.)

Flowerpale lavender

Flower length 


Flowering period 





Info='Gypsy Rose Tease'.
This is an interesting sport from Jim Anderson at Winterberry Farms tissue culture lab. It is a sport of 'Striptease', and when young, the two are indistinguishable. As 'Gypsy Rose' matures, however, it stays considerably smaller than 'Striptease' and, in my opinion, has better, cleaner color. It has the same dark green margin, while the center of the leaf changes from lighter green to creamy yellow, with the distinctive narrow white line between the center and margin. Lavender flowers.
This plant was sent to us as 'Striptease' and until late in the season we could not tell that there was a difference. If you ordered 'Striptease' from us last year, and the plant you received did not get as large as expected, you probably got 'Gypsy Rose'.
A sport of H. 'Striptease' which is very similar in all respects. H. 'Gypsy Rose' is, however, more attractive than 'Striptease' as it has a creamy gold center rather than a muddy white center. Both have the white band around the center. 'Gypsy Rose' makes a somewhat smaller plant than 'Striptease', but is more vigorous with more eyes per plant. The plant growth is similar to 'Gold Standard' which is the original parent of 'Striptease'. Appears to be more stable than 'Striptease', but will revert (loose white band) occasionally. Not a TC induced sport.
This cute plant was discovered as a mutation of the famed H. 'Striptease'. From our observations, H. 'Gypsy Rose' stays slightly smaller, but most importantly, the center pattern of the leaf is much brighter yellow than in H. 'Striptease', which is more light green. This is a dazzling plant that should be a part of every hosta collection. We expect the plants to reach 30" wide at maturity.

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