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HostaHideko Tajima


Originator(s)Herb & Dorothy Benedict/Don Dean 2004

Origin'Tsuma Tajima' selfed

Size categorysmall - medium

Plant height x width43x86 cm (17x34 in.)

Leaf length x width18x9 cm (7x4 in.)

Vein pairs7-8

Leaf colorgreen,streaked,yellow

Variegationstreaked, unstable

Leafvery shiny

Petiolepurple dotted


Scape height36 cm (14 in.)


Flower length 


Flowering periodSeptember - October





InfoStreaked and mottled with red-purple speckling 3/4 up petiole & full scapes.
Streaked colors turn creamy white to pale yellow.
H. 'Hideko Tajima' represents the end of a line of Benedict streaked breeders. Following the '98 AHS National Convention I had the pleasure of visiting Herb and Dorothy Benedict. He had set this one aside for me to continue its genes into the future of hosta. Very vigorous and sinfully fertile, it blooms late with the longipies group, and throws an unusually high percentage of streaked offspring. He insisted that I take the entire plant I agreed on the condition that it would be used to raise funds for the AHS as he had done. The only other plant outside of my garden is with its namesake, Hideko Gowan. H. 'Hideko Tajima' is the result of H. 'Tsuma Tajima' selfed and grows to 17" H x 34" W.


Progeny'Evening Blush' = PP x 'Purple Verticulated Elf'