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Originator(s)Paul Aden 1986

Origin'Aden 314' x 'Aden 802'

Size categorysmall - medium

Plant height x width25x35 cm (10x14 in.)

Leaf length x width13x8 cm (5x3 in.)

Vein pairs6

Leaf colorgreen


Leafgood, glossy, cordate, wavy-undulate



Scape height 

Flowerwhite/pale lavender,funnel

Flower length 


Flowering periodJuly - August





10" tall. Part Sun to Light Shade.
Very glossy, sun tolerant, bright green leaves. White flowers in early August.
Bright green, glossy heart shaped leaves with wavy edges. Near white flowers. Fragrant.
Vigorous, medium sized, heavy substance shiny green. Flowers fragrant.
Here is another of the Aden breeding breakthroughs... very thick glossy green foliage on a 18" diameter clump... so exquisite it almost looks edible. The clump is topped with equally exquisite very fragrant light lavender flowers on 15" scapes... one of the very best.
Glossy, thick and wavy bright green leaves and fragrant near white flowers.
Tightly massed, 4" long leaves are bright glossy green, slightly wavy. Rapid grower useful as a ground cover. Fragrant, almost white flowers in summer.
Rich glossy green leaves with unique texture and good substance make you look twice at this beauty. A plant truly worthy of it's name! Extremely fragrant pale lavender flowers in mid August. Keep this totally awesome plant watered and it can weather even 100 degree days in full sun! Some of it's benefits are: 1) glossy, 2) able to take full sun, 3) pest resistant, 4) floriferous and long blooming, and 5) highly fragrant like a lilac. (Plant 38x20)
Medium green plant of fairly heavy texture. Tolerates more sun. Fragrant lavendar flowers in mid summer.
Shiny, bright green; wedge-shaped, long point, very undulate.

Sports'Abba Ready' sport/gw
'Braveheart' sport/gg
'Dan Patch' sport/gy
'Devon Cloud' sport/ygv
'Innocent Desire' sport/gw
'Invincible Light' sport/yg
'Invincible streaked' sport/osv
'Invincible yellow center vdT' sport/yg
'Spring Circle' sport/gyv
'Sugar and Spice' sport/gc

Progeny'Birthday Cake' = 'Red Neck Heaven' x PP
'Devastator' hybrid
'Dixie Chick' = 'Masquerade' x PP
'Elrod' = PP x pycnophylla
'Fragrant Star' = PP x 'June'
'Glossy Ruffles' seedling
'Grasshopper' hybrid
'Heart of Hearts' = PP x 'Guacamole'
'Invincible Spirit' hybrid
'Irish Luck' seedling
'Jake' = PP x pycnophylla
'Kaboom' = PP x 'Maya Kingsnake'
'Lakeside Emerald Lights' = ventricosa x PP
'Lederhosen' hybrid
'Lottie Daa' = 'Subcrocea' x PP
'Moonlight Sonata' = PP x 'Northern Halo'
'Morning Angel' = PP x 'Izumi'
'Nightlife' = PP x sieboldiana 'Elegans'
'Oil Paint' = ('Sea Prize' x 'Hirao Majesty') x PP
'Red Stepper' hybrid
'Rosedale Barnie' = ventricosa x PP
'Rosedale Dough Boy' = ventricosa x PP
'Rosedale Stitched in Silk' = ventricosa x PP
'Sassy' = 'Art Shane' x PP
'Shady Affair' seedling
'Slick Willie' = ventricosa x PP
'Sweet Bo Peep' selfed
'The Sweetest Thing' seedling
'Valley's Green Beez' = 'Maya Kingsnake' x PP