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HostaJurassic Park


Originator(s)Rod Lysne 2006

Origin"seedling" x "seedling"

Size categoryxtra large

Plant height x width100x275 cm (39x108 in.)

Leaf length x width43x38 cm (17x15 in.)

Vein pairs17

Leaf colordark green


Leafheavy, rugose



Scape height107 cm (42 in.)


Flower length 


Flowering periodJuly





InfoFinding just the "right" name for this hosta proved difficult. Words like "large" just don't work here. This "animal" has garden names like "The Thing That Ate Chicago", "Bouncing Betty", "Bods Ominous" and "Man Eater"! To this beast we attribute the loss of 3 shovels, a John Deere riding mower, 2 garden tillers, 3 cats, 6 raccoons, a Guernsey cow and 2 little old ladies on a garden visit. Hence we give it wide berth when working close to it. It has been recommended that we spray it with Roundup once or twice a year just to keep it from hurting anyone. From the fore-going chicanery you may assume that "Jurassic Park" is HUGE when established, as well as vigorous in growth. Our original clump measures about 8 1/2' across even after taking divisions from it the last two springs. Leaves on well tended clumps can be up to 16" x 14". Of sieboldiana background, this introduction has very heavy substanced green leaves which exhibit heavy tucks and puckers at maturity. It does well for us with strong morning sun and filtered shade thereafter. Very impressive through mid-season even in full sun. Due to its heavy substance, slugs have never been a problem--basically because it eats them!

Sports'Jurassic Mutator' sport/os
'Jurassic Sun' sport/yg

Progeny'Holar Arches Park' = 'Arch Duke' x PP
'Standing Room Only' seedling
'Velociraptor' hybrid