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HostaKey West


Originator(s)Olga Petryszyn 1999

Origin'Elatior' x 'High Noon'

Size categoryvery large

Plant height x width95x225 cm (37x89 in.)

Leaf length x width38x28 cm (15x11 in.)

Vein pairs14-15

Leaf colorgolden yellow





Scape height98 cm (39 in.)

Flowerlight lavender

Flower length 


Flowering period 





InfoThis beautiful golden hosta comes from an Olga Petryszyn cross of H. nigrescens 'Elatior' x H. 'Sea High Noon'. The large smooth golden leaves adorn the 45" wide clump, topped in late spring with 3' spikes of light lavender flowers. If you need a bright spot in your woodland garden, either Hosta 'Key West' or Olga is for you.
A member of Olga's "Americana Series", is a cross between H. nigrescens 'Elatior' and 'High Noon'. The bright gold, heart-shaped leaves are very large and form a clump of foliage that when mature will reach over six feet across. Bright filtered shade draws out the most intense gold coloration. Lavender flowers top the clump in early summer. A choice selection.
The hybridizer loves her bold colors and form. 'Key West' has a calming but impressive shape and vivid color throughout. Each leaf is huge, averaging 11" wide and 15" long, held upright with sturdy stems. Tall scapes have pale lilac flowers. Fertile both ways. Mid-season she turns quite gold, given more sun. The waving form and color reminded the breeder of the famous Key West sunsets. Make room!

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