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HostaLakeport Blue


Originator(s)Chet Tompkins 1984

Originsieboldiana hybrid

Size categoryxtra large

Plant height x width70x160 cm (28x63 in.)

Leaf length x width42x32 cm (17x13 in.)

Vein pairs17-18

Leaf colorblue


Leafthick, very corrugated



Scape height90 cm (35 in.)


Flower length5 cm (2 in.)


Flowering periodJune - July





Info='Lake Port Blue'.
36" tall. Light Shade. Blue green cordate leaves White flowers. Fertile.
One of the best large puckered blues.
From Chet Tompkins, comes this giant blue green seedling of H. sieboldiana. H. 'Lakeport Blue' has giant, extremely corrugated, leathery leaves. Each 4' wide clump is topped with white flowers in early summer.
A very large and very blue plant. This makes a choice specimen! Pale lavender flowers.
Large dense mound, leaves green leathery, puckered with heavy bloom, pale lavendar flowers. Originated on West Coast.
One of the most choice large blues available. Tracing back to the 1920's when Cynthia Tompkins numbered it in seedling rows, this cultivar is highly regarded. Moderate of growth rate and exemplifying a spreading mound effect, 'Lakeport Blue' is heavy of substance and shows good blue coloration. An absolute top parent, this appears in the pedigree of all later selections of both Cynthia and Chet Tompkins. Unfortunately there is an widespread mix-up on the true 'Lakeport Blue' available on the market today. Chet gave a seedling of 'Lakeport Blue' to a friend some years ago. From thence, this seedling was sold as the true 'Lakeport Blue', which it is not. At least half of all plants being sold/labeled as 'Lakeport Blue' today are actually the seedling.

Sports'Rabble Rouser' sport/gy

Progeny'Lakeport Babe' seedling