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Statusnot registered

Originator(s)Engler 1888


Size categorysmall - medium

Plant height x width40x80 cm (16x31 in.)

Leaf length x width17x7 cm (7x3 in.)

Vein pairs6-7

Leaf colorgreen


Leafglossy, lance


Scapepurple dotted

Scape height70 cm (28 in.)


Flower length 


Flowering periodAugust - September





Info='Green Lance'.
JN: Akikaze Giboushi.
Purple striped flowers. Scapes are dotted purple.
Green lance-shaped leaves form a dense clump in arching tiered layers; lav. flwrs.
Increases rapidly. One of the earliest hostas to come up in spring, it is often used as an edger. Purple flowers. 0-100% shade.
This is the grandfather of Hosta groundcover. The lush tropical green lance-shape leaves are among the first to rise in the spring and the last to bed for winter. Tremendous groundcovering ability, and if left undisturbed it spreads into very large colonies, which makes it perfect for mass plantings. Beautiful vase-shaped plant. 'Lancifolia', the "little hosta," was the first representative of Hosta to be introduced to Western botany. Sun resistant.
Green spear-shaped leaves overlap in perfect mound formation. Lilac-blue flowers. August-September.
Glossy, mid-green; oval to lanceolate, pointed; cascading.
'Lancifolia' is sterile. Confused with H. cathayana, which is fertile.

Sports'Cathy Late' sport/gg
'Change Of Tradition' sport/gw
'Chinese Sunrise' sport/yg
'Javelin' sport/o
'Little Dart' sport/gg
'New Tradition' sport/wg
'Olga's Shiny Leaf' sport/gg
'Silverado' sport/gw

Progeny'Frühlingsgold' seedling
'Goldrand' hybrid
'Humor' hybrid
'Irish Mist' hybrid
'Pineapple Poll' = sieboldiana x PP
'Sentinels' = sieboldii x PP
'White Princess' seedling