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Originator(s)John Machen, Jr. 2000

Origin'Sagae' sport

Size categoryvery large

Plant height x width100x100 cm (39x39 in.)

Leaf length x width32x25 cm (13x10 in.)

Vein pairs12

Leaf colorblue-green,broad (yellow>creamy white) edge





Scape height90 cm (35 in.)

Flowerpale lavender,tubular

Flower length6 cm (2.4 in.)


Flowering periodJuly - August



Ploidy4-4-4 suggested


PP12531 (9/4/2002).
Hosta of the Year for 2012 (HOTY).
When John Machen of Mobjack Nurseries in Virginia first displayed this plant at the 2000 American Hosta Society Convention it was without question the hit of the show. 'Liberty' is a sport of 'Sagae', with thicker leaves and a wider yellow margin that turns creamy white in summer. In all other respects, the plant appears to be the same as 'Sagae'. The margin gets wider as the plant matures, so the pictures we have don't do justice to a mature plant. On the plant that was measured for registration the leaf was 9½" wide, with a 2½" wide margin, about twice as wide as the margin on a typical 'Sagae'. This plant does for 'Sagae' what 'Patriot' did for 'Francee'. Pale lavender flowers.
It is a sport of H. 'Sagae' and features a golden border that is triple the normal width! This huge gold margin is so wide that there is very little green visible in the centre of the leaf.
A medium to large (39" high) upright plant with blue-green centered with 2 1/2" golden yellow to white margined thick leaves. A probable polyploid sport of Hosta of the Year 2000 'Sagae'.
Anyone who saw this beauty at the 2000 American Hosta Society Convention left with their tongues and eyes hanging out. Finally, we are glad to provide what we think is one of the finest hostas ever introduced. This probably tetraploid version of Hosta 'Sagae' makes a stunning 2' wide semi-upright clump. The extraordinarily thick dark green leaves are edged with an astonishingly wide golden yellow border, changing to cream in summer. In early summer, the slow-growing clumps are topped with spikes of lavender flowers. We are pleased to offer large two year old plants.

Sports'Dutch Flame' sport/gc
'Game Boy' sport/cg
'Liberty's Gold' sport/yy
'Pursuit of Happiness' sport/gy

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'Green Pastures' seedling
'Main Event' seedling
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