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Originator(s)Fumio Maekawa/Paul Aden 1985/Klehm Nursery/AHS/Walek 2009

Originhypoleuca selection

Size categorymedium - large

Plant height x width43x127 cm (17x50 in.)

Leaf length x width40x25 cm (16x10 in.)

Vein pairs12-13

Leaf colorgreen





Scape height55 cm (22 in.)

Flowerpale lavender,funnel

Flower length 


Flowering periodJuly - August





Info20" tall. Part Sun to Light Shade.
A very large-leafed clone with undulating margins.
A grey blue, white backed hypoleuca.
Produces interesting progeny.
This fabulous selection of the Japanese species, H. hypoleuca, is spectacular with its large leaves, dusty grey green on top and chalky white underneath. This species, (rare in the wild) is native to sunny rock cliffs, where it establishes itself in the tiny crevices. In the wild, plants often produce only 1 leaf. In cultivation, it will develop into a 2' wide clump. The white leaf back serves as protection against the hot reflected sun. In early summer, the clump is topped with 2' arching scapes of light lavender flowers.
Shiny large green leaves with white backing, makes a low spreading open mound.
Selected form of H. hypoleuca. White flowers.
Large grey-green leaves with heavy white bloom on back, good substance, open plant, dense lavendar flowers just above the leaf mound.

Sports'Nutty Professor' sport/gc

Progeny'Big Pizza Pie' = 'Dorothy Benedict' x PP
'Biggie' = 'Sea Prize' x PP
'Blockbuster' = 'Sea Prize' x PP
'Blue Suede Shoes' = 'Sea Prize' x PP
'Blueberry Patch' = 'Galaxy' x PP
'Bows and Arrows' = (F1 seedling of 'Dorothy Benedict') x PP
'Cajun Sunrise' = 'Sea Prize' x PP
'Curlicue' = 'William Lachman' x PP
'Dazzling' = 'Dorothy Benedict' x PP
'Fiesta' = 'Pin Stripe Sister' x PP
'Frisian Falls' = PP x 'Gilt by Association'
'Frisian Treasure' = 'One Man's Treasure' x PP
'Golden Gloves' = 'Sea Prize' x PP
'Heavenly Constellation' = 'Breeder's Choice' x PP
'Joy Ride' = 'Salute' x PP
'Kilauea' = 'Sea Prize' x PP
'Megacup' = 'Sea Prize' x PP
'Mother Lode' = 'Sea Prize' x PP
'My Cup of Tea' = 'Sea Prize' x PP
'None Lovelier' = 'Neat Splash' x PP
'Old Smoky' = PP x 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd'
'Orange Crush' = 'Sea Prize' x PP
'Outrigger' = 'Sea Prize' x PP
'Purple Mountain Majesties' = 'Galaxy' x PP
'Red-hot Mama' = 'William Lachman' x PP
'Rhinestone Cowboy' = 'Sea Prize' x PP
'Ring of Fire' = 'Sea Prize' x PP
'Silver Moon' = PP x 'Blue Moon'
'Song Sung Blues' = 'Dorothy Benedict' x PP
'String of Pearls' = 'Goddess of Athena' x PP
'Super Star' = 'Dorothy Benedict' x PP
'The Mamas and the Papas' = 'Foxy Doxy' x PP
'These Colors Don't Run' = (x 'Dorothy Benedict') x PP
'Tutti-frutti' = 'Sea Prize' x PP
'Unbridled Passion' = ('Neat Splash' x 'Northern Halo') x PP
'You Light Up My Life' = 'Foxy Doxy' x PP
'ZZZZ, a Sleeping Beauty' = (x 'Dorothy Benedict') x PP