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HostaMaruba Iwa


Originator(s)Japan/Soules Garden/AHS/Walek 2009

Originlongipes var. latifolia selection

Size categorysmall

Plant height x width20x50 cm (8x20 in.)

Leaf length x width15x11 cm (6x4 in.)

Vein pairs9

Leaf colorgreen


Leafgood, leathery, round, very shiny, wavy



Scape height75 cm (30 in.)


Flower length 


Flowering periodSeptember





InfoSelection of H. longipes var. latifolia.
The name means "round-leaved rock hosta".
12" tall. Light Shade. Very shiny bright green leaves. Glabrous below.
Leathery with heavy substance. Purple striped flowers late in season.
A choice small, dark green with round shiny leaves of good substance.
It's not easy being green! Despite this drawback, this hosta gets a lot of rave reviews in our garden. The thick matte finish grey green foliage combines with purple petioles and white leaf backs to make a dazzling unmistakable clump.
This selection of H. longipes v. latifolia makes a 2' wide clump that is topped with pinkish lavender flowers in the summer.
A small hosta with round green leaves & heavy substance; lavender flowers.
This is an interesting new variety from Japan, by way of Hideko Gowen, a selection of H. longipes v. latifolia. Leaves are quite thick, light green, somewhat wavy. Unusual and quite nice. Lavender flowers.
A dainty hosta with small, round leaves with thick substance. This is a variant of H. longipes var. latifolia. Pinkish lavendar flowers appear very late. Excellent rock garden plant.


Progeny'Cinnamon Sticks' = longipes f. hypoglauca x PP
'Grand Finale' hybrid
'Harry van de Laar' = longipes f. hypoglauca x PP
'Red Sox' = longipes f. hypoglauca x PP
'Swizzle Sticks' = (montana 'Aureomarginata' x venusta) x PP
'Tsuma Tajima' seedling