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Originator(s)John Machen, Jr. 1994

Origin'Francee' sport

Size categorysmall - medium

Plant height x width 

Leaf length x width 

Vein pairs8-10

Leaf colordark green,white edge





Scape height75 cm (30 in.)


Flower length 


Flowering periodJune - July





InfoA sport of 'Patriot'. Leaves are a little rounder, slightly more cupped. An outstanding addition to any garden. Can take some sun and has lavender blooms in July.
Very dark green leaves with a pure white margin.
Shiny above, dull below. Somewhat cupped, heavy substance. Slightly wavy and rippled. Pale lavender flowers.
Like 'Patriot', only darker green and more cupped, heavier substance.
A selection that resembles H. 'Patriot' but H. 'Minuteman' has heavier substance, a darker green leaf and a more creamy-white cupped margin (takes time to learn the difference between the two). Lavender flowers arrive in midsummer. We find it maintains a fresher appearance if grown in shade after noon.
Sport of 'Patriot', center of leaf is significantly darker. Lavender flowers.
This plant is similiar to Hosta 'Patriot' however the white margin does not go as deep into the leaf. Leaves are a little rounder, slightly more cupped. The dark green center with erect leaves in the center of the mound make a very eye catching and handsome mound. An outstanding addition to any garden. (Plant 50x23)
A selection from H. 'Francee' that resembles H. 'Patriot'. The difference is that 'Minuteman' has heavier substance, a darker green center and a more creamy white border that is somewhat cupped. Pale lavender-striped flowers on 24" scapes.
Dramatic coloration, the large, pure white margins encircle the dark glossy green centers. Slightly rippled, heavily substanced. Lavender flowers.

Sports'Bunker Hill' sport/o
'Changing Light' sport/gw
'Green Beret' sport/gg
'Marine' sport/os
'Mini Man' sport/wg
'Right Around Morning Sunrise' sport/os
'Rime Ice' sport/o
'Stealth' sport/

Progeny'Matthew J. Walton' hybrid
'Voluptuous Valerie' seedling