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Statusnot registered

Originator(s)Tenjin Yama Bunen Nursery,Japan

Originsieboldii sport

Size category 

Plant height x width50x75 cm (20x30 in.)

Leaf length x width 

Vein pairs6-7

Leaf colorgreen,(yellow>white) edge


Leafa bit wavy



Scape height120 cm (47 in.)


Flower length 


Flowering periodJuly - August





Info=rectifolia 'Mito-no-hana'.
Green leaves with silver-white veins. Looks more like a sieboldii sport.
Introduction of the Tenjin Yama Bunen Nursery located Mito City, Ibaragi Pref, Japan.
This H. rectifolia selection from Japan features extraordinary, precise, creamy-white stripes down the leaf veins. The stripes are prominent until early summer when the plant turns green. Has been put into tissue culture several times, but the resulting plants do not carry the unique white stripes. Almost never offered for sale and when it is, it usually sells for $1000+!
An electrifying pattern for Hosta foliage! A yellow stripe runs along each vein in the leaves on this H. sieboldii descendant from Japan. Striping fades as summer progresses, with just a few center leaves retaining the yellow veining by early July. Foliage is slightly wavy with a smooth texture; purple flowers in late summer on scapes up to 46" high, forms seed pods. We don't generally stray into poetry in our descriptions, but when this distinctly different variety "swam into our knowledge", we thought of these lines from the poet Keats: "Then felt I like some watcher of the skies, when a new planet swims into his ken."
Do not grow this in deep shade or you'll just have another green hosta.