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HostaNiagara Falls


Originator(s)Bill Brincka/Olga Petryszyn 1991

Originmontana f. macrophylla x 'Sea Drift'

Size categoryxtra large

Plant height x width65x130 cm (26x51 in.)

Leaf length x width36x27 cm (14x11 in.)

Vein pairs15-16

Leaf colordark green


Leafwaxy, shiny below, very piecrust edge



Scape height120 cm (47 in.)

Flowerpale violet,flared

Flower length 


Flowering periodJuly





InfoGrey green turning to shiny dark green.
Upright and arching. Impressed veins and pie crusted edges.
Large heart-shaped gray-green leaves stand upright and arch outward.
Dark green heart shaped leaves with deep veins,  pie-crust edging, and a beautiful waxy sheen.  Pale violet flowers.
Heart shaped leaves with wide, deep impressed veins. The dark spinach-green leaves develop a beautiful sheen. Very nice pie-crust edging.
Arching, pie-crust edge.
A stunning creation of emerald green leaves making a 4' wide clump. Heavily veined leaves with deep pie crusted, rippled edges. This hybrid reminds you of a waterfall with each graceful arching leaf. The 4' flower scapes have fertile violet flowers. Use the pollen for great ruffled edges. The older your plant, the more prominent the veining and rippling. Highly sought after.

Sports'Angel Falls' sport/wg
'Bridal Falls' sport/gw
'Kabigan Falls' sport/yg
'Lightning Ridge' sport/gw
'Mist Maiden' sport/os
'Niagara Falls streaked' sport/os
'War Paint' sport/yg

Progeny'Cosmic Fun' = ('Giantland Thor' x 'Cosmic Knuckles') x PP
'Dune Boy' = ('Elatior' x 'High Noon') x PP
'Earthquake' = 'Tokudama' x PP
'Elatior Falls' = 'Elatior' x PP
'Fleet Week' hybrid
'Golden Falls' seedling
'Hoosier Dome' = PP x ('Silver Bowl' x 'Muriel Seaver Brown')
'King Lizard' = PP x 'Grand Canyon'
'Koneko Falls' = 'Koneko' x PP
'Lake Wales' hybrid
'Omar the Tentmaker' = PP x 'Boondocks'
'Wide Receiver' = 'Brutus' x PP
'Yosemite Valley' = ('Elatior' x 'High Noon') x PP