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Originator(s)Briggs Nursery 1999

Origin'Francee' sport

Size categorymedium

Plant height x width40x90 cm (16x35 in.)

Leaf length x width15x12 cm (6x5 in.)

Vein pairs9

Leaf colorcreamy white, edge,green,dark green edge


Leafthick, a bit rippled, a bit shiny, a bit corrugated


Scapecreamy white purple spots

Scape height60 cm (24 in.)


Flower length7.5 cm (3 in.)


Flowering periodJuly - August





InfoWe are very excited to be able to offer you this new introduction from Briggs Nursery in Olympia, WA, a sport of H. 'Francee' that has very thick leaves (definitely a tetraploid) with creamy-white centers that are speckled green and a wide slightly rippled, matching dark green margin. The leaves are slightly shiny, lightly corrugated and quite round but come to a point. The pale purple flowers are held on white scapes with purple spots in midseason. This plant seems to exhibit tremendous vigor for a hosta with as much white in the leaf.
This unique Hosta 'Francee' mutation is almost certainly a reverse tetraploid of the parent...similar to Hosta 'Loyalist'. The black-green slightly rippled foliage is background to the brilliant creamy white central pattern on each leaf. Each 2' wide clump is indeed a glowing beacon in the garden. In early summer, the clumps are topped with 20" scapes of light lavender flowers.

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