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HostaPiedmont Gold


Originator(s)Henry Payne/Piedmont Gardens 1982


Size categorymedium - large

Plant height x width60x90 cm (24x35 in.)

Leaf length x width20x15 cm (8x6 in.)

Vein pairs10-11

Leaf coloryellow





Scape height66 cm (26 in.)

Flowerpale lavender

Flower length 


Flowering periodJune - July





InfoAll gold, smooth leaves with a slightly twisted curve.
A very nice plant. June brings pale lavender flowers.
Bright gold heart shaped leaves. Prominent veins, curved and twisted.
Good texture. White flowers.
A large plant, puckered, round gold leaf.
Smooth bright-yellow ruffled leaves with an upright growing form; white flwrs.
Heart-shaped yellow-gold leaves with a ruffled edge. White flowers. My favorite large gold hosta.
There are those that do not appreciate the gold leaved Hostas, but few plants can brighten up a dull shaded area better than a patch of 'Golden Scepter', 'Wogon', or 'Piedmont Gold'. In our growing area at dusk, the blocks of gold stand out like they were spotlighted, while all the blues and greens tend to blend together and recede. The small golds are great as edgers and ground covers, but if you want to make a statement, 'Piedmont Gold' is one of my favorites. The leaves are large, heart-shaped, with prominent veins and wavy edges, arching to form a mound 3 to 4 feet across at maturity. White flowers.
A classic gold leaf hosta which starts off lime green, quickly turning to gold with a slightly twisted curve. Considered to be the best gold hosta. Can tolerate some sun. June brings pale lavender flowers. (Plant 62x25)
Gold leaves that have a very attractive curved twist. A rapid grower. Does best in full shade. Eunice Fisher Award winner. Lavender flowers.
Large smooth deep gold leaves, ruffled, upright grower, lavendar flower, outstanding.

Sports'David Stone' sport/yg
'Evening Magic' sport/yw
'Everglades' sport/gy
'Goldbrook Good Gracious' sport/yg
'Lakeside Symphony' sport/yg
'Moonshine' sport/yg
'Mostly Green' sport/yg
'Piedmont Honey' sport/yg
'Piedmont Special' sport/gy
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Progeny'Cassandra' = 'Petite Gold' x PP
'Huanglvbobian' seedling
'Hutch' = (x 'Wolcott') x PP
'Invocation' = 'Cynthia' x PP
'Jimmy Crack Corn' seedling
'Lakeside San Kao' = "seedling" x PP
'Mrs. Minky' = minor x PP
'Tiffany Tune' = PP x 'Spritzer'
'Tucker Tigers' = (x 'Wolcott') x PP
'Wings to Fly' = PP x "unnamed Tompkins' seedling"
'Wings to Fly' = PP x "unnamed Tompkins' seedling"