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HostaRoyal Standard


Originator(s)John Grullemans/Wayside 1964/AHS 1986

Originplantaginea x sieboldiana

Size categorymedium - large

Plant height x width65x150 cm (26x59 in.)

Leaf length x width23x15 cm (9x6 in.)

Vein pairs8-9

Leaf colorgreen


Leafshiny, a bit wavy



Scape height105 cm (41 in.)


Flower length7.5 cm (3 in.)

Fragrantvery fragrant

Flowering periodAugust - September





Info24" tall. Part sun to light shade. AGM.
Shiny green leaf, fragrant white flowers.
This vigorous oldie but goodie was the first ever patented hosta.
This seedling of H. plantaginea has very glossy green leaves that arch upward to make a large clump to 4' in width. In late summer, you will be sure to notice the dozens of 3' stalks of fragrant white flowers!
Glossy green leaves w/upright form; fragrant white flowers.
A plantaginea hybrid with glossy medium green leaves. Fragrant white flowers.
For a good, fragrant Hosta in this price range, plantaginea, 'Honey Bells', and 'Royal Standard' are the most common. I prefer this one because it has much better foliage than 'Honeybells' and because I think its a bit easier to keep than plantaginea. Plantaginea comes up so early that it is frequently damaged by a late cold snap. 'Royal Standard' is also an early riser, but I don't have quite as much trouble with it here. It forms a medium size clump of glossy, dark green leaves, but its major attraction is the fragrance of the large white flowers.
Lustrous shamrock-green foliage with upright habit, extremely durable plant, able to tolerate sun and withstand drought better than most Hosta. The flowers are highly scented and pure white. Exceptional all round landscape Hosta. (Plant 38x18)
Foliage is a rich green. Fragrant white flowers on 24" stems beginning in August. Scented hybrid of plantaginea. Grows well in full sun.
The fine, glossy green foliage is upright. The pure white flowers have a very nice fragrance.

Sports'Adorable' sport/yg
'Double Trouble' sport/gg
'High Standard' sport/gw
'Hoosier Harmony' sport/yg
'Prairieland Memories' sport/yy
'Royal Accolade' sport/yg
'Royal Charmer' sport/gw
'Royal Diadem' sport/gw
'Royal Gold' sport/yyv
'Royal Rim' sport/gw
'Royal Splash' sport/os
'Royal Standard Double' sport/gg
'Royal Standard Special' sport/gw
'Royal Super' sport/gw
'Slightly Royal' sport/gw
'Sweet Christy' sport/gw

Progeny'Dee's Golden Jewel' = PP x 'Galaxy'
'Royal Crest' = PP x 'Braveheart'
'Tamiami Blue' seedling
'Willamette' = plantaginea x PP
'Xiangfei' = PP x 'Summer Fragrance'