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HostaSally and Bob


Originator(s)Clarence Owens 1994

Origin'William Lachman' x 'Fascination'

Size categorylarge

Plant height x width45x75 cm (18x30 in.)

Leaf length x width30x27 cm (12x11 in.)

Vein pairs13

Leaf colorgreen,streaked,white,yellow


Leafshiny, corrugated



Scape height60 cm (24 in.)

Flowerpinkish white,tubular

Flower length5 cm (2 in.)


Flowering periodJuly





Info='Bob and Sally'.
This beauty was named for an incredibly gracious couple from Indianapolis. Sally was instrumental to both local and regional hosta societies as a premier newsletter editor as well as managing a spectacular display garden of top shelf hosta! A 18"x30" clump that bears pinkish white flowers will grow into a real showpiece, not to mention yield some dandy seedlings if you are so inclined!
Springing from a cross of H. 'William Lachman' x H. 'Fascination' it boasts luscious, white-streaked green leaves that form an impressive 30 in. mound of colorful foliage. Fertile flowers, ready for pollen, grace tall petioles in July. True to its parentage, the "fascination" is how many different looks one can get from this magnificent breeder. In a long row of seedlings observed in the originator’s garden, each one was unique.

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