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HostaShade Fanfare


Originator(s)Paul Aden 1986

Origin'Flamboyant' sport

Size categorymedium

Plant height x width 

Leaf length x width 

Vein pairs 

Leaf colorchartreuse,cream edge





Scape height 


Flower length 


Flowering period 





Info15" tall. Part Sun to Light Shade. AGM.
One of the best of Paul Aden's introductions. Medium green leaves with wide brushstroke cream margins. Pale lavender blooms in June.
Chartreuse with a cream margin, cordate, flat leaves, 7" x 5.5". 22" scapes with lavender flowers.
Medium green with gold creamy margins. A real beauty.
This sport of H. 'Flamboyant' has leaves of chartreuse gold with wide creamy edges. H. 'Shade Fanfare' is a vigorous grower, forming a 2' wide clump, topped with pale lavender flowers on 24" scapes in early summer.
Light green leaves have broad cream margins; forms a real nice clump.
Apple-green leaves with a wide creamy white margin.  Lavender flowers.  Great form and excellent color make it an excellent specimen.
Everyone likes this hosta. Well, there may be a few who don't, but you have to wonder about them. Among normal people, this is considered one of the all time great hostas. Chartreuse to apple-green leaves with a wide creamy white margin. Unusual coloring, good form, excellent vigor, overall a terrific plant. Lavender flowers.
This hosta has golden foliage with a white edge. The foliage starts off golden yellow with a creamy edge, turning to chartreuse with a white edge by mid summer. Brightens any dark spot in your garden. Purple flowers in late summer. Use as a small groundcover or larger edger! Excellent rapidly growing medium-sized specimen. Very floriferous. (Plant 24x16)
Bright green heart-shaped leaves with wide creamy white margins. Lavender flowers on 24" scapes in mid-summer. Shade to full sun.
Green leaves with broad cream margins, very showy. Lavender flowers.
Sport of Flamboyant, medium size, leaves have wide creamy margins, slightly puckered, good texture, flowers lavendar.

Sports'Golden Fanfare' sport/yy
'Poke Sally' sport/gc

Progeny'Floral Dance' seedling
'Lady Liberty's Flame' = 'Gold Regal' x PP
'Peedee Granny Smith' = PP x 'Bold Ruffles'