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HostaSpilt Milk


Originator(s)Mildred Seaver 1999


Size categorymedium - large

Plant height x width60x120 cm (24x47 in.)

Leaf length x width25x20 cm (10x8 in.)

Vein pairs13

Leaf colorgreen,misted,white,blue-green edge

Variegationstreaked, unstable

Leafthick, wavy, corrugated



Scape height75 cm (30 in.)

Flowernear white

Flower length5 cm (2 in.)


Flowering periodJune - July





Info15" tall. Part Sun to Light Shade.
Dark green with white streaking and speckles. Heart shaped leaves. White flowers.
H. 'Spilt Milk' is generally recognized as one of the most unique hostas ever introduced. This H. 'Tokudama' hybrid makes a stunning clump of blue green cupped foliage. The foliage is highlighted by an unusual assortment of streaking and misting in the center of each leaf. This patterning is distinct from the typical unstable streaking found in variegated hostas. In late spring, the clumps are topped with attractive 20" spikes of pure white flowers.
Green leaves with variable width white to greenish-white streaks, cupped.
One of the most unusual and sought after hostas available. Heavily substanced and puckered dark blue leaves with white streaking in the center. White flowers. Truly unique.
White to greenish yellow streaks and splashes are splattered across the dark green leaves. The variegation is quite variable. Amazing coloration! White flowers. Limited supply.

Sports'Butterpat' sport/
'Fire Dancer' sport/o
'Flemish Milkshake' sport/os
'Green Milk' sport/gg
'Milk Road' sport/os
'Pistache' sport/os
'Spilt Money' sport/bb

Progeny'Andromeda' seedling
'Blueberry Waffles' = PP x 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd'
'Giantland Blue Cheese' seedling
'OHS Butter Pat' seedling