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HostaStained Glass


Originator(s)Hans Hansen 1999

Origin'Guacamole' sport

Size category 

Plant height x width50x110 cm (20x43 in.)

Leaf length x width23x18 cm (9x7 in.)

Vein pairs10-11

Leaf colorgolden yellow,dark green edge





Scape height80 cm (31 in.)

Flowerpale lavender

Flower length 

Fragrantvery fragrant

Flowering periodAugust





InfoHosta of the Year for 2006 (HOTY).
Would it be too bold to say that this is the best new hosta to hit the market in the last decade? Oh well, no one has ever accused us of lacking an opinion. This Hans Hansen introduction is a marked improvement on the wildly popular H. 'Guacamole' from which it mutated. The brilliantly shiny golden foliage is surrounded by a 2" wide dark green margin. This incredibly vigorous sun-tolerant grower makes a 3-4' wide clump, topped in late summer with large, very fragrant, light lavender flowers!
This is absolutely not live without this hosta for another day!
Introduction from Hans that is a sport of H. 'Guacamole' similar in many ways to its parent, but this one colors up earlier and maintains a much brighter brilliant gold leaf center throughout the season. The veins are quite evident and give the leaf a "stained glass window" effect. Topped with large fragrant near-white flowers in August. Vigorous and makes a nice clump rapidly

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