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Originator(s)Japan/AHS/Walek 2009


Size categorymini

Plant height x width6x13 cm (2x5 in.)

Leaf length x width6x4 cm (2x2 in.)

Vein pairs3-4

Leaf colorgreen





Scape height 


Flower length 


Flowering periodSeptember - October





Info=longissima 'Uzu-no-mai'.
=longissima 'Whirly'.
='Uzo No Mai'='Dancing Eddie'.
1" tall. Light Shade.
Unlike hostas in general, this selection is not easy to grow.
The name means "whirlpool" and that is a perfect description of the plant.
It is a rosette to about 5 inches across.
It likes a moist well-drained soil in shade. Best in cool-summer areas.
Bizarre form, like no other hosta. The Japanese name means whirlpools.
This is one of the smallest and definitely the most unique of hostas.
Mature plants are only 1" tall and 3" wide. The leaves have no petioles.
Lavender flowers are held barely above the foliage.
Plants have a shallow root system and require mulching in colder zones for winter protection. Zones 5-9. Requires excellent drainage.
This is a true collectors item... certainly the most unique hosta we grow.
'Uzu No Mai' means "dancing eddy"... referring to a whirlpool.
The diminutive plants to 1" tall and 3" wide have equally diminutive stalks of lavender flowers to match. H. 'Uzu No Mai' needs to be situated by a stone or in a special container for best effect... guaranteed to get visitors talking... it doesn't look anything like a hosta!
This is not an easy hosta to grow and should be tried only by experienced gardeners.
Tiny leaves of emerald green w/short petioles, clump no bigger than a half-dollar.
Sometimes referred to as 'Dancing Eddy', the tiny emerald-green leaves have almost no petioles, forming a unique rosette. This is a true collector's plant with great potential for breeding. Amazingly slug resistant! This is not the easiest plant to grow. Give it plenty of water with sharp drainage.
Wine-red flowers peek from between the small rosettes.
Rare and strange hosta from Japan that doesn't look much like a hosta. It forms small rosettes of glossy leaves about 3" across. Likes constant moisture in rich soil, but will not tolerate soggy conditions. Good trough or rock garden plant.

Sports'Pachinko' sport/gy
'Uzu-no-mai Fuiri' sport/gw
'Uzu-no-mai Yuki Shirofukurin' sport/gw