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Originator(s)John Kulpa 1989

Origin'Fortunei Hyacinthina' sport

Size categorysmall - medium - large

Plant height x width50x100 cm (20x39 in.)

Leaf length x width20x17 cm (8x6 in.)

Vein pairs11

Leaf colorwhite>green,dark green edge

Variegationmedio, viridescent

Leafthick, a bit shiny, a bit folded, a bit wavy, corrugated, long tip



Scape height75 cm (30 in.)


Flower length 


Flowering periodJuly - August





Info12" tall. Part Sun to Light Shade.
White, yellowish and yellow. green with wide, dark green margins.
Lavender flowers in late July.
A shiny dark green margin surrounds the center which changes from pale green to creamy white with green striping during the growing season. Leaves are slightly twisted and curved. Good substance. Lavender flowers on 30" scapes. Fast grower.
Dark green leaf white center. Stands erect, twisted. Heavy substance. Choice.
This spectacular introduction is touted as the best new hosta in years! This sport of H. 'Fortunei Hyacinthina' has a wide central band of white that contrasts dramatically with the darkest green leaf that we have seen. In dense shade, the central variegation tends to fade in the summer. The 18" wide clumps are topped with lavender flowers in mid summer.
The leaves have outstanding substance and twist as they reach upward, they are white, yellowish and yellow green with a dark green margin that varies in width; lavender flowers.
One of the most popular newer introductions, with white centered, very dark green leaves, slightly twisted and curved, held upright in a tight mound. A good vigorous grower with good substance. The leaf center can change through the season, depending on exposure, from creamy to bright white to light green. A sport.
Upright, twisting and pointing, the foliage is rich dark green a with white center. Lavender flowers.

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